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Barcode Technology

Barcode Technology

At the core of FiT RMS is a highly tested and dependable barcoding technology.

Solutions FiT for Your Organization

FiT generates barcodes which you apply to patient files, legal cases or intrinsically valuable documents so they’re trackable and always accounted for.

FiT labels are fully customizable to provide a tailored FiT for your organization. Barcodes can be printed on a variety of printers, including ultra-fast DYMO printers. Once a barcode is created, our system uses the information within to create automated retention and disposition workflows that allow your organization to efficiently destroy documents, while ensuring compliance with regulations.

How Barcode technology works

An automated tailored FiT for your organization

03 Steps

01. Creation
Apply FiT barcodes to your physical files to track the lifecycle of a document collection. Know what you have, where it is and who's been in contact with the files(s).
02. Retention
Barcoding files allow you to control the retention of your documents, and in doing so, increase your records compliance with FiT.
03. Disposition
FiT barcodes alert business leaders when document collections have met their maturity. Efficient workflows enable a secure and compliant destruction, minimizing the costs associated with storage.
Benefits of Barcode Technology

Barcode Technology


Matter Mobility

Track file activity levels with our iOS and Android integrated application.

Customizable Design

Tailor your label design to meet your organization needs with the ability to print.

FiT Scan

Scan legacy barcodes with FiT Scan to provide accurate file inventory.
Other Solutions

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