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Improve administrative processes and automate workflows

Modernized Document Management

FiT’s collaboration allows stakeholders to work together and share documents seamlessly.

Our document management software combines efficient file organization, storage, and retrieval. The collaboration features enable real-time approval capabilities, editing, and secure sharing internally and externally.
Why Fit Collaboration

Effortless Information Management


Streamline Workflows

Create and/or automate processes and approvals by building custom workflows within your organization.

Manage Tedious Tasks

You'll get notified when a task is assigned to you, so work can be completed efficiently and you can focus on what matters.

Collaborate Securely

Our secure sharing portal meets privacy and security standards with optimized controls and processes for continued compliance.

Document Sharing Collaboration

Why FiT document sharing collaboration?
Document collaboration tools aren’t new however a document tool offering comprehensive and robust retention and disposition practices is new so you don’t keep valuable records too long or destroy a record before you should, FiT has all the security features, permission levels, version control, and document access control that you would expect from a system meant to facilitate paperless document management. Moreover, FiT renders your electronic documents from within our system or via our open API through your organization’s other document collaboration system side by side along with any physical files and boxes your organization might have whether they be historical or recent.
How does it work?
FiT is a hosted cloud-based solution that has the ability to integrate with a myriad of other essential systems within your organization. One standout features is the way it visually displays data through a series of dashboards that can be used for different purposes, such as monitoring events, making decisions, informing others, and understanding trends through the FiT Business Intelligence experience. Using a modern interface, the dashboard displays various types of visual data in one place such as graphics, charts, gauges, and other indicators telling an organization a variety of stories specific to your industry. Whereas upper Management might have a completely different rendering from the typical user, it all depends on how it is configured. Our system can be linked to a series of other databases and systems capturing data to help your organization tell stories such as where you might be on your paperless journey or are you compliant with your retention and destruction requirements? Do you have aging data sets sitting idle for no reason? And it isn’t just rendering the electronic document story but also physical files and boxes assuming you have a barcoding system. If it’s time to upgrade your current physical file and box barcoding system, FiT is feature rich in that area as well.
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