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What is the goal of information governance?
The goal of information governance is to ensure data integrity, security, compliance, and accessibility while optimizing the value of information for the organization.
What type of consulting services do we offer?
Many of our clients use FiT for Onsite Managed Services, meaning our team members regularly use the solutions we implement onsite at the organization. We have an inside perspective from a variety of law firms and businesses. We measure success differently than “traditional consultants”. Our team is often directly impacted by a faulty deployment. Whether you contract with us for our software solutions, process consulting or for onsite management, we understand the “user perspective” better than a team that comes in, provides a roadmap, and then leaves. In simple terms, you want the people building your solutions to be invested in the outcome and know how to execute them no less than the end users who ultimately have to use the solution.
Why work with us?
Most of our team has more than two decades of hands on experience in records management and information governance. We ultimately view all of our relationships as long term commitments.
Consulting Services

Streamline operations and optimize efficiency within your organization.

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Information Governance Strategy

Assist in developing and implementing a comprehensive IG framework and policy roadmap.
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Records Management Strategy

Design an effective system and processes to organize, retain, and dispose of your records in compliance with regulatory requirements.
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Office Services and Specialists

Provides guidance and support in optimizing office operations, managing information assets, and implementing IG practices.
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Reduce risk, strengthen compliance, and lower costs with our other solutions.

Streamline your information governance program and mitigate risk.