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Information Governance

Information Governance

Providing firms with a personalized path to fast, accurate, and secure access to records.

Information Governance Simplified

FiT offers a full spectrum of services to improve your operational efficiency, records retention scheduling, industry-specific data compliance, and more.

Organizations focused on Information Governance, Compliance, and long-term cost control, trust FiT’s documentation management solutions. Information Governance isn’t just about creating policies for retention and disposition of data. Successful programs require consistent management and execution of those policies to ensure compliance – with internal policies, government regulations and outside counsel guidelines.
FiT IG Capabilities

Reduce risk, strengthen compliance, and lower costs with our governance solutions.

How Barcode technology works

An automated tailored FiT for your organization

03 Steps

01. Creation
Apply FiT barcodes to your physical files to track the lifecycle of a document collection. Know what you have, where it is and who's been in contact with the files(s).
02. Retention
Barcoding files allow you to control the retention of your documents, and in doing so, increase your records compliance with FiT.
03. Disposition
FiT barcodes alert business leaders when document collections have met their maturity. Efficient workflows enable a secure and compliant destruction, minimizing the costs associated with storage.
Why FiT Governance

Unlock the potential of your information and securely access it when and where required.


Automated Management

Easily manage records with a an automated workflow streamlined approval process.

Records Schedules

Control the entire lifecycle with secure disposal and archiving of records.

Save Costs

Reduce storage costs on physical and electronic storage space.

Regulatory Compliance

Support data privacy laws, such as GDPR and CCPA, to ensure legal compliance

Increased Security

Establish user access and clearance with full control of security and permissions.

Easy to Use

Our information governance solution is customized for a tailored FiT every user.

Streamline your information governance program and mitigate risk.