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Records Management

Records Management

FiT addresses the essential or core elements of any successful RMS.

Automated Records Management

FiT is a flexible and intuitive browser-based records management application.

“Occasionally firms get stuck on the idea of “best practice”. There’s no single right approach with an organization and success can depend on how open the firm is to looking at workflow and efficiency changes.” Jim Higdon | Sr. Vice President

Gain control of your records within your organization.

What is Records Management?
Records management is the systematic practice of organizing, controlling, and maintaining records throughout their lifecycle to ensure efficient access, retrieval, and preservation. It involves processes such as creation, classification, storage, retention, and disposal of records in accordance with legal, regulatory, and organizational requirements.
Why do you need Records Management in your organization?
Records management is essential for organizations to effectively manage their information assets. It ensures compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, enables efficient decision-making by providing accurate and timely information, and safeguards important records for future reference, audits, and historical documentation. Additionally, records management promotes organizational transparency, enhances productivity, mitigates risks, and supports effective knowledge management within the organization.
How can FiT help your organization?
FiT empowers organizations with easy record management through streamlined features: adding/editing vital records, standardized naming conventions, full-text search, secure user management, customized reporting, and seamless integration with third-party systems for efficient time and billing. Simplify records administration and enhance security effortlessly.
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